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What Days Is The Market Closed In 2019?

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Plan Your Investments with the Knowledge of Market Holidays

When it comes to making investment decisions, one of the important factors to consider is the trading schedule of the market. It is crucial to know which days the market is closed to plan your investments effectively. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of market holidays for the year 2019, allowing you to make informed decisions and avoid any unexpected surprises.

Understanding Market Holidays

Market holidays are specific days when the stock market, bond market, or other financial markets are closed. These holidays are observed to commemorate important national events, religious holidays, or other significant occasions. During market holidays, trading activities cease, and investors cannot buy or sell securities. It is essential to be aware of these holidays to avoid any potential losses or missed opportunities.

Market Holidays in 2019

Here is a list of market holidays in 2019:

1. New Year’s Day – January 1

2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 21

3. Presidents Day – February 18

4. Good Friday – April 19

5. Memorial Day – May 27

6. Independence Day – July 4

7. Labor Day – September 2

8. Thanksgiving Day – November 28

9. Christmas Day – December 25

Why Knowing Market Holidays is Important

Knowing market holidays is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to plan your investments effectively. By being aware of the days when the market is closed, you can adjust your investment strategies accordingly. For example, if you were planning to sell a stock on a market holiday, you can avoid potential losses by selling it a day earlier.

Secondly, knowing market holidays is crucial for traders who use technical analysis. Technical analysis relies on patterns and trends in stock prices to make predictions. However, these patterns can be disrupted during market holidays when there is no trading activity. By being aware of market holidays, traders can adjust their strategies and avoid making decisions based on unreliable patterns.

Take Advantage of Market Holidays

While market holidays may disrupt regular trading activities, they also provide opportunities for investors. During these holidays, the market remains closed, but other financial instruments such as futures contracts and options may still be traded. These alternative investment options can provide opportunities for profit or hedging strategies.

Additionally, market holidays allow investors to take a step back and evaluate their investment portfolios. It is an excellent time to review the performance of your investments, assess your risk tolerance, and make any necessary adjustments.


Being aware of market holidays is crucial for any investor or trader. By knowing which days the market is closed, you can plan your investment strategies effectively, avoid potential losses, and take advantage of alternative investment options. Make sure to mark these holidays in your calendar and use them wisely to maximize your investment success in 2019.

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