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How Much Do Accounting Clerks Make Per Hour?

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Unveiling the Earnings of Accounting Clerks

Discover the Average Hourly Pay of Accounting Clerks

Are you considering a career as an accounting clerk? One of the questions that may be lingering in your mind is how much you can expect to earn per hour in this profession. Accounting clerks play a crucial role in maintaining financial records and ensuring the smooth operation of businesses. Let’s delve into the details and uncover the average hourly pay for accounting clerks.

Factors That Influence Accounting Clerk Salaries

Understanding What Affects the Hourly Earnings of Accounting Clerks

Several factors come into play when determining the hourly wages of accounting clerks. The level of experience, education, location, and industry can all impact salary figures. Generally, accounting clerks with more years of experience and higher levels of education tend to earn higher wages. Additionally, certain industries and geographic locations may offer higher pay rates due to supply and demand dynamics.

The National Average Hourly Wage for Accounting Clerks

Getting to Know the Median Hourly Earnings in the United States

According to recent data, the national average hourly wage for accounting clerks in the United States is around $19.50. However, it’s important to note that this figure can vary significantly depending on the factors mentioned earlier. Entry-level accounting clerks may earn closer to the minimum wage, while those with extensive experience and specialized skills can earn well above the national average.

Regional Disparities in Accounting Clerk Salaries

Exploring How Salary Ranges Differ Across States and Cities

When it comes to regional disparities, accounting clerk salaries can differ significantly across states and cities. For example, accounting clerks working in metropolitan areas or major cities may earn higher wages compared to those in rural areas. Factors such as cost of living, demand for skilled professionals, and local economic conditions all contribute to these variations. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the geographical location when evaluating potential earnings as an accounting clerk.

Industry-Specific Salary Differences

Recognizing How Different Industries Impact Accounting Clerk Pay

The industry in which an accounting clerk works can also have a significant impact on their hourly wage. Certain industries, such as finance and insurance, tend to offer higher compensation due to the complex nature of their financial operations. On the other hand, accounting clerks employed in non-profit organizations or government agencies may earn slightly lower wages. It’s essential to research the specific industry you are interested in to get a clearer picture of the potential earnings.

Career Advancement Opportunities for Accounting Clerks

Discovering the Path to Higher Earnings as an Accounting Clerk

While the average hourly wage for accounting clerks is a good starting point, it’s important to note that there are opportunities for career advancement within this profession. By acquiring additional certifications and expanding their skill set, accounting clerks can increase their earning potential. Pursuing higher education, such as a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, can also open doors to higher-paying positions such as senior accounting clerk or accounting supervisor.

The Future Outlook for Accounting Clerk Salaries

Examining the Projected Trends in Accounting Clerk Earnings

The future outlook for accounting clerk salaries remains positive. As businesses continue to grow and the demand for financial recordkeeping increases, the need for skilled accounting clerks will persist. This sustained demand may lead to higher wages and better job prospects for individuals in this field. By staying updated with industry trends and continuously developing their skills, accounting clerks can position themselves for lucrative opportunities in the future.


Accounting clerks are an integral part of any organization’s financial management. While the national average hourly wage for accounting clerks stands at around $19.50, it’s important to consider the various factors that influence earnings. From experience and education to location and industry, these factors play a crucial role in determining an accounting clerk’s salary. By understanding the potential earning range and exploring avenues for career advancement, individuals can embark on a rewarding and financially stable career as an accounting clerk.

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